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What better way to start a Thursday morning than to announce that there are ALL sorts of new things up on our site today!

  • New categories! We’ve been posting a lot of information lately about grant opportunities, upcoming classes and news from our state and national friends. To make our site a little easier to navigate we’ve added a new search tool on the right side of your page that says “Categories” and allows you to easily separate out the goods your looking for. We also created three new categories: Grant Opportunities, Mississippi Art News, and GAC Classes.
  • Surveys! You might have noticed that one of today’s posts was a survey about what kinds of CEU art classes you would like us offer this school year. We take your opinion very seriously and will be posting surveys on our site on a regular basis this fall.
  • Fall Field Trips! That’s right folks, all of our fall field trips are now up on our Arts Experiences page. Don’t forget that field trips to the Armitage Herschell Carousel and the Rodger D. Malkin Gallery are designed to fit YOUR schedule and can be done Monday-Friday.
  • Professional Development! We’ve been giving you sneak peeks of information about professional development this fall and now the full calendars for both Greenville Public and Western Line School Districts are up on our Professional Development page.

Have any other ideas for things you want us to add to our site? Leave a comment and let us know!