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Project-Based Learning as a Context for Arts Integration | Edutopia

When we’re working in schools we often hear teachers wonder how they can assess student learning through the arts. This great post from Edutopia explores how the arts and arts integration as a teaching strategy can be utilized in project-based learning (PBL) as a method for performance based assessments which we know teachers are going to see a lot of with the new Common Core State Standards. Read the full article after the jump! Continue reading “Project-Based Learning as a Context for Arts Integration | Edutopia”

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Meet our Friends at MAAE

Meet our friends at the Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education (MAAE)! MAAE has been a part of the Kennedy Center for Arts Education Network (KCAAEN) since 1993, and is one of 3 organizations from Mississippi that is part of the national network (we’re one of them!).

MAAE has five main goals:

  • serve as a common source of information and point of interaction concerning arts education for K-12 and higher education units, community and professional arts groups, the Department of Education and the Mississippi Arts Commission
  • raise the awareness of the general public concerning arts education issues
  • provide opportunities for collaboration and build partnerships among arts organizations
  • cultivate legislative and governmental connections that promote the arts
  • recognize and celebrate excellence in arts education throughout the state.

They offer professional development opportunities throughout the year (that provide CEU’s!), coordinate events to connect art educators across the state, and serve as an amazing advocate for arts education in the state. Learn more about MAAE on their website!