About GAP

What is the Greenville Arts Partnership?

The Greenville Arts Partnership is a collaboration between the Greenville Arts Council and Greenville Public School District focused on full arts integration in elementary schools.

In 2003, our partnership was the first in the state of Mississippi to be accepted into the Kennedy Center Partners in Education Program, joining over 100 other partnerships between school districts and arts organizations across the country. As a member of the Kennedy Center Partner In Education, members of the Greenville Arts Partnership attend an annual meeting and have access to high-quality professional development and current research in arts education and integration.

What does the Greenville Arts Partnership Offer?

The partnership provides professional development for teachers, arts experiences for students, and resource and referral on arts integration issues.

Professional development is provided in two ways: through workshops with Teaching Artists from the Kennedy Touring Roster and the Mississippi Arts Commission Teaching Artist Roster, and through grade-level specific professional development sessions facilitated by our local staff. We present a series of model demonstration lessons to teachers in grades K-5th, illustrating connections between the arts and required state standards for the core subjects.

Arts experiences include live performances presented by our community arts partner, Delta Children’s Museum, as well as other unique field trip opportunities like workshops and demonstrations led by artists and visits to the Greenville Arts Council’s Roger D. Malkin Gallery or the historic Armitage-Herschell Carousel. 

Over the years, we have succeeded in providing basic arts integration training district-wide as well as in-depth professional development to allow groups of teachers to increase their level of mastery. The underlying goal of GAP is to best serve the needs of our community, and we reevaluate our programs and create new ones over the years accordingly.

What Schools participate in the Greenville Arts Partnership?

Greenville Public School District first joined GAP after completing a comprehensive district-wide needs assessment in 2001, and we have worked hand-in hand since then to expand programming and meet the evolving needs of teachers and students.

How does our school join the Greenville Arts Partnership?

Schools interested in participating in GAP programs or in joining the Greenville Arts Partnership should contact Lesedi Chambers (email), the Arts in Education Coordinator at the Greenville Arts Council. The Greenville Arts Council is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Lesedi can also be contacted via phone at 662.332.2246. For more information about the Greenville Arts Council, visit our website at http://www.greenville-arts-council.com.